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How Often Should You Water Succulents

Watering succulents is an essential part of their care. It’s important to strike a balance; over-watering your plants can result in root rot and other disasters while under-watering them will stunt growth.

Most varieties require about one small cup of water once a week during the growing season and around every two weeks during the dormant months. However, some succulents are more drought-tolerant than others. In that case, you should wait for their soil to dry out before adding any liquid.

Monitor your plant’s condition regularly and adjust based on how it reacts to its environment. Is the leaves sagging? That could mean it needs further hydration. Wilting? There may be too much water present in the substrate. If they look healthy, then there’s no need to change what you’re doing.

Pay attention to factors such as temperature and rainfall when watering your succulents, as these conditions can cause plants to act differently than expected in terms of moisture absorption and drying time rates. In hot climates, extra water may be needed throughout the year; whereas in temperate areas – like those found indoors – it can be beneficial to allow slightly more time between each watering session.

Although they have been designed with desert life in mind, providing enough nutrients is vital for the successful cultivation of these amazing plants – keep this top of mind when caring for your green friends!

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