How Often Should You Water Roses

To care for roses, watering is key. But how often should you water these lovely flowers? The answer is simple: as infrequently as possible.

Overwatering can cause root rot, and too little water can lead to wilted petals and an overall unhealthy plant. So, what’s the sweet spot?

It depends on a few factors: climate, soil type, and age of the rose bush. As a general rule of thumb, water deeply once a week, ensuring that the soil is moist down to at least six inches.

During times of extreme heat or drought, increase the frequency by a day or two. But be mindful not to overdo it – soggy roots don’t make for happy roses.

When in doubt, give your roses a scratch test. Insert your finger into the soil near the base of the plant. If it feels dry up to your first knuckle, it’s time to water.

For newly planted roses, watering every two days for the first few weeks helps establish roots, then taper off gradually.

As with all things gardening-related, adaptability is key. Pay attention to your plants and adjust accordingly.

Remember: less is more when it comes to watering your beloved blooms!

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