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How Often Should I Water My Bonsai

Watering your bonsai is essential for proper plant health. But how often do you water? It all depends on the type of soil, the age of the bonsai, the climate, and other factors.

Young bonsais should be watered daily or every other day — in general, young plants require more frequent watering than older ones. Additionally, applying a generous amount of water at each session can help to ensure that the roots remain moist.

However, be careful not to overwater; this can lead to root rot. To prevent this, make sure that excess water is draining away. Check to see that your plant’s soil is dry before giving it more moisture. If there’s moisture at the bottom of the pot, wait a few days before attempting another watering session.

In hot and humid climates with high levels of sunlight, bonsais will need to be watered twice daily during hot days — once in the morning and once in the late afternoon/ early evening.

If there are several consecutive days without rain and your plants haven’t been watered for a while (a week or two or more), a thorough soaking is required as soon as possible to give your tree a much-needed hydration boost!

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