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How Often Should I Fertilize My Container Garden

Fertilizing is essential for growing bountiful container gardens. But how often should you feed your plants?

Important to remember every garden is different and will require different feeding regimens. To get the best results, assess soil fertility, estimate nutrient removal by crops, calculate nutrient additions from organic materials, and identify any additional needs.

For most container gardens, fertilize biweekly or monthly with a balanced fertilizer and adjust recommendations based on the size of the pot and the plants growing in it. Larger pots need more frequent fertilizing than smaller pots.

Change up the type of fertilizer used to add a variety of nutrients. A water-soluble product works well as you can easily adjust amounts based on plant needs. For longer-lasting nutrition, try slow-release fertilizers that last anywhere from two weeks to nine months depending upon the type chosen.

Check soil pH regularly to make sure it remains between 6.0 and 7.5 for optimal nutrient availability; if outside this range, modify with lime or sulfur, respectively, until pH is corrected. While testing kits are available for purchase, many local universities offer free testing services for homeowners’ garden samples submitted per instructions provided by those universities’ agricultural extension offices.

And finally, don’t forget foliage feeding when needed – spraying the plant leaves with a dilute fertilizer solution helps supplement not just what’s delivered through the soil but enhances foliar growth as well, providing double benefit simultaneously!

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