How Often Should I Cut Grass

Mowing is a vital part of lawn care. It’s essential to get the frequency right and ensure you’re cutting correctly.

 Often, once per week is enough. The ideal length for grass clippings is two-and-a-half to three inches. When cut more often, it grows too quickly. On the other hand, when never cut, removal becomes difficult due to moisture and thatch buildup.

 Time of day affects mowing too; mornings are best as dew on blades protects from damage caused by dryness and heat in the afternoon sun.

 Workflows can help – planning time slots, days, and area rotation systems to help keep your lawn in top condition. Before mowing, check treks for stones that may loosen with the skids of the blades or cause other damages. Avoid forming patterns when cutting – mix them up for a natural look.

 Finally, don’t forget post-mow raking and tidy up: clear away clippings rather than leaving them on the lawn to prevent spores build-up, which can damage your turf over time.

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