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How Much Sun Does A Container Garden Need

Light is crucial to a container garden’s health. The Sun helps plants grow big and strong while providing vital nutrients. But too much can also be harmful.

For optimal growth, containers need 4-6 hours of partial sunlight per day. Avoid south and west exposures in midsummer months, when heat and infrared radiation can damage leaves.

Shield plants from harsh rays or midday with light-colored screens for intricate patterns and shaded areas for extra protection. Plants positioned under trees will often receive filtered sun, which is just as beneficial as direct light.

Healthy soil is also key for contented plants—it should drain quickly without being overly dry or wet, allowing room for oxygen and proper aeration. To avoid over-watering, measure out the amount per gallon of water needed before watering your container gardens; this will depend on the type of plant you are growing.

Overly warm temperatures can wreak havoc on your garden, so have good ventilation in place to keep air circulating—aim for an ambient temp between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 – 24 degrees Celsius). If temperatures soar, move sensitive containers indoors to avoid the shock or death of fragile vegetation.

Container gardens are a great way to go green and foster nature close to home. With the right amount of sun exposure and healthy soil, they’re sure to bring joy into every corner of your space!

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