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How Many Inches Of Soil Do I Need For Grass

Careful calculations are essential when laying down new grass. Not having the right amount of soil can prevent your grass from growing to its full potential.

First, measure the desired height of your lawn. Add two inches on top to allow for settling and irrigation, giving you a base number of how much soil you’ll need.

Next, use the depth of your topsoil to figure out the cubic yards required. To do this, divide the total depth by three feet and convert that number into yards in order to get an accurate measurement.

Dig out your space for sod based on that yardage calculation, and remember to factor in any steep inclines or slopes in the area as well. When finished excavating, load up with quality topsoil before adding a layer of compost and turf fertilizer for greater fertility.

Once completed, you will have plenty of room for establishing a lush green lawn or garden that can endure all weather conditions while looking appealing year-round.

So don’t forget–planning ahead is key when it comes to getting your soil just right!

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