How Many Hours Does Grass Need

Sunlight. Water. Careful tending. Grass needs several inputs to thrive and survive. But how much time does it require?

Timing is key: mowing too early or too late can damage the grass and impede growth. An immature lawn will only require infrequent, light mowing, while an established one needs regular trimming every week or two during the growing season. Proper watering schedules must also be implemented to promote root growth and establish a dense turf.

In addition, periodic applications of fertilizer and pest control products are necessary to maintain strong grass coverage with minimal weeds. All this should take no more than a few hours per month, depending on the size of the lawn – generally about one hour for small yards and up to four for larger ones – spread out over various days or weeks as needed.

Finally, occasional aeration may be needed in order to loosen compacted soil and allow nutrients to penetrate further down into the roots better, though it’s not a necessary task every year. About minutes in total should suffice here as well.

Overall it doesn’t take long at all! From sourcing supplies to taking care of maintenance, keeping your grass looking its best won’t have you spending your entire weekend outdoors – just a few short hours each month is all it takes!

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