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How Many Hours A Day Do Indoor Plants Need Light

Photosynthesis provides indoor plants with the energy they need. But how much sunlight is required each day?

Light and darkness cycles govern photosynthesis. That’s why plants require a balance of both to thrive. Generally, 6-8 hours of bright, indirect light daily is adequate for most houseplants.

But the exact amount depends on which type of plant you’re growing. Low-light species like spider plants may get by with as little as 4 hours. Whereas succulents might need 8-10 hours to prevent stretching or sunburn.

Don’t forget to factor in your window conditions as well. Sunlight passing through glass can be more intense than direct rays outside, so you may need to reduce the time it’s exposed accordingly.

Brightness also differs seasonally and indoors due to dust or grime accumulation over time. Adjust the length of your plant’s exposure to suit its needs and environment for optimal health and vigor!

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