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How Many Cups Of Water Does A Bonsai Tree Need

Bonsai trees not only require regular watering but also precise amounts. Too little water can cause stress and damage, while too much may prevent the tree from absorbing the necessary substances it needs.

The amount of water needed varies from species to species and season to season. Factors like pot size and soil conditions also influence how much water your bonsai requires.

In summer, it’s best to give your bonsai two or three light irrigations per day, up to half its pot capacity in total. To do so, fill up a spray bottle or use a digital meter when pouring directly into the soil. Make sure that water is evenly distributed between each layer of soil and leaves no puddles in the saucer ––if the excess stays there overnight, it will cause root rot.

In winter, you need less frequent irrigation — around once every 4-7 days — adding enough liquid for repotting soil saturation should do the trick without causing rot in the root systems. In colder temperatures, checking your tree on a weekly basis is usually enough — bearing in mind they use even less liquid than usual when dormant.

Therefore, don’t wait until your tree looks dry before giving it water – inspect its moisture levels often instead to make sure the humidity level is just right for healthy growth!

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