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How Long Will Cut Hydrangeas Last

Hydrangeas are a gorgeous addition to any room. But many are curious how long they will last.

The answer? It depends. Placement, care and type all factor in. 

Choose wisely; some hydrangeas stay fresh for only a few days, while others can last over two weeks with proper attention!

To start, pick the right place for your bouquet. Sunlight fades the color quickly, so choose somewhere out of direct sunlight. Rooms with high humidity help reduce wilting, so the bathroom or kitchen is ideal.

Be sure to trim those stems regularly using a sharp knife or scissors—anywhere from half an inch to up to one inch at a time. Next, change the water every few days; this helps replenish lost nutrition and microbes that hydrangeas need to last longer. 

On top of all that, try adjusting the pH level with flower food to maintain healthy blooms—this could give up three extra days on average!

Finally, don’t forget the type of hydrangea matters, too—some varieties have stronger protective layers than others and can last much longer under similar conditions. 

In short: choose wisely, place properly, and manage carefully—and you may well enjoy your hydrangeas for weeks longer than expected!

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