How Long Sprinklers Should Run

Watering grass requires precise planning. For lush, healthy lawns, you must know how long to run sprinklers.

Start by taking the temperature into consideration; cooler climates need more moisture than warmer ones. Then measure your soil’s absorption rate and consider water pressure so your lawn gets an even application.

Dry climates may want to set timers for 6-7 minutes a day or reduce their watering days to every other or third day, depending on where they live. If a look-see down the slope reveals patches of dry soil, add an extra one or two minutes per cycle or sprinkle up to three times daily during hot spells.

Research turf type and regional climate when designing irrigation scheduling. It is best if you adjust standards seasonally—longer in summer, shorter in winter—according to evaporation cycles. Wind speed also has an effect; blowing gusts can accelerate the movement of water away from plants before it has been fully absorbed by the ground.

Don’t forget about the rainfall! When Mother Nature does her work, turn off the sprinklers, allowing more time between applications afterward if necessary. Above all: don’t douse your lawn too often – keep sprinkler cycles short and sweet for healthy growth!

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