How Long Do You Water New Grass

Watering young grass is vital for its proper growth. But how long should you water? Well, that depends on a few conditions.

 First, you’ll want to make sure the sprinkler is set to a low setting and avoid overwatering. This can wash away vital nutrients and limit root establishment. Aim for 10-15 minutes per irrigation session right after planting, 3 times weekly until further notice.

 When your new grass is about three inches tall, cut back on the frequency of irrigating to once or twice per week. If enough rain falls during these semi-weekly watering sessions, you won’t need to water from the hose. Monitor the condition of your lawn through all seasons to ensure your watering schedule meets the needs of your grass as it matures.

 In times of drought or relentless heat, be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly and take into consideration any local regulations regarding water consumption before moving forward with additional irrigation sessions.

 If managed properly, new grass will grow healthily without over-watering or under-watering it–leaving you with an elegant piece of turf that will continue to perform strongly in years to come!

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