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How Long Do Vertical Gardens Last

Vertical gardens add an eye-catching touch to any space. But how long do they last?

It’s essential to consider the elements. Sun, wind, and rain may break down materials over time. The usage of UV-stabilized materials can reduce these effects. High levels of rainfall and humidity may also create more maintenance needs.

Choose plants wisely for long-term impact. Consider local climate and watering requirements before making selections. Low-maintenance species and drought-tolerant varieties are ideal for vertical gardens with minimal maintenance or supervision.

Consider quality when choosing materials for the frame and mounting components. Rust-proof materials such as aluminum are preferred to ensure longevity.

Toilets, automation systems, or irrigation practices must be carefully evaluated–a robust system is essential for maximum performance.

Follow care instructions, securely fasten all parts, use superior materials, and pick the right type of plants. You’re likely to enjoy a beautiful vertical garden that will last years without much intervention.

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