How Long Do Sunflowers Last

Sunflowers bring joy and beauty to any space. But how long do they last?

The answer depends on a range of factors: climate conditions, the variety of sunflowers, and soil type among them. On average, the life cycle of a sunflower spans three to four months, with the individual heads reaching full size within 48 days.

However, some varieties can live two years or more in ideal conditions – that is, partial shade and cool nights combined with adequate water levels. 

In warm climates with ample irrigation, sunflower heads remain fresh for up to five weeks; without adequate water and nutrients, however, their lifespan can be only around eight days.

For certain dwarf varieties planted from seedlings in pots rather than from seeds outdoors, like the pollen Teddy bear type, their lifespan can be trimmed down to about 10-12 weeks.

So next time you admire a sunflower’s beautiful face watching your every move – remember its journey has been a brief but intense one!

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