How Long Do Succulents Live

Cultivated with care, succulents bring vibrant life to all spaces for years. These resilient plants can live for decades, depending on their family and species, as well as the level of care provided.

For starters, different species have varying lifespans. Cacti are known for having extended lives, with some varieties living past 200 years – in favorable environments! Others may only last a few years or less without sufficient warmth, water, and light.

Tending succulents also add longevity to their lives. Avoid overwatering, which can lead to root rot, instead, use watering cans with long spouts to reach the soil in deeper pots. It’s also wise to provide plenty of sunshine throughout the year as well as transition them indoors during winter if cold stress is present.

Furthermore, healthy soils make a lasting impact; use a balanced mix that drains water quickly and is high in minerals (or fertilizer). Finally, prune when needed; if leaves turn yellow or fall off, they are wasting resources, so don’t hesitate to remove them when necessary.

With the right conditions, succulents add beautiful pleasure to homes for many years – sometimes even outlasting generations!

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