How Long Do Hydrangeas Last

Hydrangeas are resilient, vibrant flowers that bring charm and timeless beauty to any space. But how long do they last? With the right care and maintenance, hydrangeas can live for weeks in vases of fresh water or even months when placed in a dried arrangement.

For maximum longevity, cut hydrangeas at their peak maturity. When you spot buds barely beginning to open, snip off the stems at an angle and make sure to have a clean cut with sharp pruners.

Optimize your hydrangea’s vase life by keeping them out of direct sunlight and positioning them away from air vents or heating/cooling registers. These conditions can cause premature wilting. To avoid bacteria growth, replace the water regularly. 

Add a floral preservative to extend the life of your blooms—mix it directly into the vase water as soon as you add your flowers so they can immediately benefit from its effects while they absorb moisture through their stems. Also, measure out fertilizers accordingly; too much can be toxic to your plants. 

The effective care given will affect how many days or weeks your flowers last without wilting; some species may last up to 3-4 weeks when cared for properly!

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