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How Long Do Hydrangea Blooms Last

Hydrangeas are a timeless favorite for gardens and homes. Their lush blooms bring joy and beauty both indoors and out. But how long do these beloved blossoms last?

On average, hydrangea blooms can range from one week to two months, depending on the variety and climate. The warmer the environment, the quicker the flowers will fade. The cooler temperatures of spring and fall extend bloom times up to six weeks in some cases. In southern climates, where temperatures remain warm year-round, expected blooms may not survive beyond two weeks. 

The care you give your hydrangeas helps preserve their lifespan too. Watering consistently but not excessively helps keep them healthy, as well as providing support with stakes. Furthermore, pruning during dormancy is recommended to help shape the bush while encouraging new buds in the future season. 

Finally, utilizing commercial products like color boosters or foliar sprays containing plant growth enhancers that can extend flower life by a few days can help keep your hydrangea blooms flourishing longer into their natural lifecycle. 

Overall, hydrangea blooms last, on average, one to eight weeks with all factors considered. Enjoy this pop of color while it’s here!

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