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How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water

Succulents are some of the hardiest plants around. They’re able to withstand long periods without water, and many can go for days or even weeks before needing a drink. But just like any type of plant, succulents require some level of hydration to remain healthy.

So how long can succulents go without water? It depends on a variety of factors, including the type of succulent, temperature, humidity levels, and light exposure. Generally speaking. However, most kinds of succulents will survive up to two weeks without being watered—though this varies greatly depending on these external factors.

When temperatures are hot and air is dry—the conditions in which succulents thrive—they don’t need as much moisture. When cooler weather arrives, or you experience an unexpected chill in summer temperatures, they’ll need watering more regularly, or they may start to wilt. The same goes for climates with higher humidity levels; during moments with increased moisture in the air, water your succulents less often.

It’s important to check them after a few days and at least once a week if it’s been dry. By feeling their leaves for plumpness and inspecting their soil for dampness—both of which suggest it’s time for more water—you’ll be able to gauge whether your plants need hydration sooner than usual.

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