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How Long Can I Leave Rose Roots In Water

Splitting off rose roots for planting is an exciting and rewarding activity. But when preparing to transplant, there’s much more to consider than simple aesthetics. How long can the roots stay in the water?

The answer depends on the type of rose; some need only a few hours, while others can be left for up to three days. All types should be checked regularly, and their water changed if needed.

Rose roots that are allowed to stand for too long in stagnant water will usually rot due to insufficient oxygen. Warm water or tepid temperatures also encourage bacterial growth, which can cause further damage. Ultimately, using cold water with regular changes of it–and never allowing the roots to soak overlong–is key.

It’s also essential to ensure that the roses have gaps between them while they’re waiting in a bucket or jar of water. This essentially gives them “space to breathe” and promotes healthy stem growth later on.

Remember: always keep your roses watered but never leave them standing too long; even a few hours could prove disastrous when replanting!

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