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How Long After Planting Grass Can You Fertilize

Starting a lawn or garden can be full of surprises. After sowing the grass seed, you may be wondering when to add fertilizer.

Generally speaking, delay adding fertilizer until after germination, and the grass blades reach around one inch tall, or about four weeks post-planting. Don’t apply fertilizer until then, as it can hinder growth or temporarily scorch new, tender roots.

For best results, fertilize every four to six weeks during active growth periods. Different types of grasses may require different amounts and types of fertilizers, so do your research beforehand and talk to knowledgeable local gardeners if you need help.

A 7-2-2 ratio is helpful for most plants: seven parts nitrogen, two parts phosphorous, two parts potash – although more established plants may require an 8-2-2 blend instead.

With spring lawns, wait until daytime temperatures stay consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit before applying any mild fertilizer blend such as 4-4-4 or 6-10-4. If you are also dealing with weeds in a newly seeded area, avoid certain herbicides, as they have little effect on freshly planted grasses during the early stages of development.

Finally, always read the label carefully before use – different brands will include various amounts of each essential nutrient essential for happy plants!

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