How Hot Before Grass Stops Growing

Temperature is a crucial factor in the growth of grass. When it’s too hot, the grass can no longer sustain itself and will stop growing.

The ideal temperature for grass growth ranges from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures provide enough warmth for photosynthesis to commence and allow for desired moisture levels in the soil.

The right combination of temperature and humidity allows grass to repel stress and thrive. But once temperatures surpass 80 F, roots become strained by not being able to absorb enough water and nutrients due to rapid evaporation.

Furthermore, when temperatures rise too high, the risk of disease significantly increases as fungal spores like Mildew love warm, humid climates. Therefore grass looks stressed and even completely dies off in extreme weather conditions like extended periods of freezing or heat waves above 95F or 35C 

In short, when temperatures reach higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the growth of grass can either slow or cease altogether due to fatigue from drought-like conditions. To keep your grass healthy, make sure you hydrate it often and watch out for rising temps over 80F/26C

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