How Fast Do Hydrangeas Grow

Hydrangeas grow fast, adding inch-upon-inch of vibrant color to any garden. Regular maintenance keeps them flowering and looking their best for years to come. 

Water your hydrangeas deeply every five or six days during hot, dry spells—preferably in the morning. This helps keep the soil moist and encourages healthy root growth. Avoid overwatering; too much moisture can saturate the roots, leading to fungal diseases like root rot.

Provide a balanced fertilizer when planting and then mid-spring each year. Doing this boosts bloom potential and general plant health. Apply mulch around them in spring when outdoor temperatures are consistently above 55°F (13°C). This reduces water loss through evaporation and helps condition the soil quickly as it breaks down over time.

Snip off faded blooms often throughout the season to encourage reblooming and shape your plants with regular pruning. In summer, cut back dead stems to allow air circulation; in winter, reduce long stem lengths by at least one-half for overall vigor. 

Finally, take care when handling hydrangeas—their leaves bruise easily! Encourage good drainage by planting in a spot that’s elevated from low areas in your yard. With the right environment and routine care, you’ll have flourishing hydrangeas providing beautiful color for many growing seasons ahead!

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