How Do You Start Grass

Growing grass starts with soil preparation. Till the top 6 inches of dirt and remove any large rocks, twigs, and plant material. Check the pH level of the soil and apply lime or sulfur to adjust it if necessary.

Add a two-inch layer of composted manure or fertilizer to the soil, which will provide nutrients to the new grass seedlings. Rake over the area and then water well to moisten the ground.

Sow your chosen seeds in late spring or early fall for best results; Follow package instructions on amounts needed as this varies with the type and condition of the soil. Cover lightly with 1/4 inch of fine soil, tamp lightly, and then water gently so as not to wash away seeds. Don’t walk on seeded areas until the establishment is complete!

Mulch can be spread at this stage or after sprouts start appearing. Moisture retention is increased when used, but don’t use too much, or it chokes out the light from reaching grass roots.

Keep damp by watering regularly during the germination period until seedlings are established; the wrong times for watering disrupt natural process of development in grass roots, causing harm instead of help! Begin mowing when grass reaches four inches tall – keep cutting length tall so that blades aren’t combed out too short, which weakens the basis foundation of lawn health!

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