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How Do You Start An Indoor Garden For Beginners

Starting an indoor garden can be intimidating, but with the right steps, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. First, decide on a spot in your home where you would like to begin your garden. You’ll want whatever space you select to receive plenty of light and ventilation during the day.

Next, pick up the essentials from a gardening store or online shop – soil, seeds (or starters), and containers. Seeds will require a higher rate of care as opposed to starter plants that have already been grown. Be sure to check the instructions on the packaging for each item before planting.

After selecting suitable containers and filling them with soil, it’s time to plant your seeds or starters. As each plant has its own requirements when it comes to watering and sunlight levels, make sure you read up on specifics prior to watering or relocating any plants.

Finally, mark your calendar with reminders on when you need to water and adjust lighting conditions based on the type of plants in your garden – refer back often to ensure the proper growth and health of all your plants!

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