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How Do You Start A Vertical Garden

Innovative vertical gardens offer a unique opportunity to cultivate space-saving, eco-friendly greenery. To get started, you’ll need the right materials to build your garden and create a creative backdrop for plants to thrive.

Choose a spot: Identify an area with sufficient sunlight for plants and select proper drainage material for moisture control.

Build the structure: Choose planter boxes with adequate depth and geotextile fabric or thick landscape fabric to cover the base of your vertical garden. Draw out a pattern on a wall or fence surface, if desired.

Add soil: Use a lightweight potting mix that is nutrient-rich so plants can absorb moisture and nutrients easily. Assemble the planter boxes with heavy-duty screws and add soil around the edges before planting.

Planting time: Plant vines or creepers in the planter boxes and add small flowering plants at intervals to achieve contrast in texture and color. Give each plant enough room so it can spread its wings freely.

Conserve water: Fit drip irrigation systems or install water-saving smart sprinklers that distribute water uniformly according to your garden’s needs, as this facilitates efficient water management without excessive wastage.

Maintenance matters: Growth will gradually slow down during winter months, so prune any dead foliage from time to time and mulch extensively to keep weeds at bay while conserving soil moisture levels automatically

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