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How Do You Prepare Soil For Container Planting

Preparing soil for container planting requires forethought. Start by choosing the right potting mix. It should be lightweight, free-draining, and hold moisture, but it must also keep enough air around roots to give them space to grow.

Before you start filling your containers, it’s essential to check their drainage holes are working. If not, use a drill bit of the appropriate size to add some.

Mix your chosen potting mix with slow-release fertilizer and minerals designed for container plants for extra nutrients and trace elements; think about adding water-storing crystals too. Make sure you moisten the mix before adding it to containers; the mix should feel barely damp when squeezed between the fingers.

Fill your containers at least two-thirds full with the prepared soil mix using a trowel or your hands, then tap down firmly on the top and sides of the container so that the soil settles without large air pockets remaining. Your last step is to make a small well in each pot so that when you add seed or transplant your young plants, they’re already set up well to settle into their new home.

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