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How Do You Prepare Soil For A Container Garden

Good soil is essential for a thriving container garden. It should be rich in nutrients and well-aerated to keep the plants healthy. Here are some tips for prepping the soil:

Test pH: Take a soil sample and send it to a lab for testing. The optimal pH range is 6.5 – 7.5 for most vegetables and flowers.

Add compost: Incorporate organic matter like compost or aged manure before planting to add important nutrients back into depleted soils.

Assess texture: For potted plants, aim for a loose, sandy loam that allows water to drain quickly, but retains moisture. Consider using potting mixes specially formulated for containers if you don’t have suitable garden soil on hand.

Balance drainage & aeration: To ensure an even mix of air, water, and plant roots in the container, use perlite or vermiculite along with other components such as peat moss or coir fiber.

Fertilize early & often: Once planted, fertilize semi-monthly at a minimum to keep your fruits and veggies growing strong throughout the season!

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