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How Do You Know If Your Succulents Are Healthy

Seeing a lush and vibrant succulent plant is a sign of healthy growth. To tell if your succulents are in good shape, first note their color: vivid hues typically indicate health. Also, inspect the leaves: they should be firm and plump, without any yellow discoloration or brown spots indicating dehydration.

Root quality is also important; if they’re white and fleshy, it’s a sure sign of healthy growth. Cuttings should have some new growth to show that the propagation was successful – look for small buds or sprouts near the base of each cutting.

Test soil moisture with a probe or by touching at least two inches below the surface – moist soil indicates active absorption of nutrients, hinting that the plants are doing fine. If you see white or grayish mildew on the soil, this points to overwatering – try moving them to a drier location or reducing watering frequency.

Finally, watch out for any strange infestations like powdery purple mildew; such pests may signal less-than-ideal living conditions and could require treatment with insecticides or fungicides. With regular monitoring and periodic treatments when needed, you can ensure your succulents stay in peak condition for years!

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