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How Do You Keep Hydrangeas Blooming

Hydrangeas are truly remarkable plants, offering an abundance of blooms and an abundance of joy. To keep them flourishing brightly and continuously, they need some special care.

Start with good soil. Hydrangeas prefer well-draining, loose soil that’s slightly acidic. Consider amending it with plenty of organic matter and monitoring the pH levels.

Second, provide adequate sunlight and water. Hydrangeas need at least four hours of direct sun every day. They also thrive when watered deeply about once a week – but adjust for weather conditions as necessary.

Third, protect from harsh winds and temperatures. Make sure your hydrangea is in a sheltered spot for optimal health during winter months or sweltering summer days. A judicious amount of fertilizer can help too, but only use it in moderation to avoid burning the plant with excess salts or nitrogen compounds. 

Finally, don’t forget basic maintenance tasks like step pruning, removing dead twigs, keeping weeds away, and cleaning away any fallen leaves on the ground near them to prevent diseases and pests. With these simple steps, you’ll have vibrant, blooming hydrangeas all season long!

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