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How Do You Build A Simple Vertical Garden

Growing up, it was hard to feel connected to nature. But that all changed when I built a vertical garden.

It began with a single wall and a vision of vibrant greenery. Choosing the plants that would thrive in my space took research and planning. Pruning, pricking out, and transplanting were the final touches my garden needed.

Optimal light, warmth, and nourishment pave the way for success. Natural air flow kept temperatures just right and drainage holes in planters avoided overwatering.

Creating an orderly design adds to the beauty of nature’s chaos: Plants clambering over frames contrast with corridors of foliage on lines of vines hung from latticed walls. If designed correctly—using self-watering systems or certified organic fertilizers—vertical gardens require little attention.

The bigger picture is cultivating mindfulness through connection to the environment – seeing a cityscape in full bloom adds life too harsh spaces and brims with pride for the handcrafted outdoor sanctuary you created.

A miracle waiting to happen, made simple by science and nurtured by nature – Vertical gardening is my perfect getaway!

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