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How Do Indoor Plants Grow For Beginners

Greening indoors is a transformative experience. With gentle care and attention, houseplants can enhance your interior spaces and well-being. But before you start your plant journey, here are some tips to consider.

Begin with ease: Consider low-light plants that don’t require overly complicated maintenance, like the Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily, or ZZ Plant.

Location: Place plants in locations where they will get adequate natural light — next to a window or an east/south facing room. Observe for signs of too much sunshine or shade throughout the day.

Monitor: Use a moisture gauge frequently to detect wet spots and allow surface soil to become slightly dry between watering cycles for best results. During winter months, some plants may be happy with little TLC apart from misting every two weeks.

Feed & Soil: Regularly supplement your greenery with organic fertilizer during their active growing season, and use fresh soil when potting up plants as they grow larger in size.

Prepare mentally: Plants aren’t immortal; accept that sometimes advice might not exactly lead to success every time, so try again if needed! Lastly, keep yourself motivated by enjoying the beauty of greenery — because it’s worth it!

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