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How Do I Make My Succulents Grow Bigger

Grow bigger succulents with strategic planning. Watering, soil choice, and light are crucial factors in helping your succulents reach their full potential. To get the most out of your plants, take your time selecting soil and select pots that provide adequate drainage. Once you’ve done that, water your succulent deeply once a week or as often as necessary for optimal growth.

Proper lighting will ensure your succulent gets all the nutrients it needs for an impressive size. Pick the right spot in your garden to maximize exposure to sunlight; this will prize them open and stimulate plant growth.

Fertilizing is also important when promoting healthy succulent growth – use organic matter such as seaweed extract or fish emulsion directed by the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. As ordinary fertilizer can quickly burn delicate succulent leaves, consider trying controlled-release formulas if standard fertilizers aren’t ideal for your environment.

For more robust blooms and larger leaves, pinch off dead stems during spring or summertime while they are actively growing or replace older plants with new ones instead of pruning them way down. This will help encourage new stem and leaf growth, which leads to a larger section size over time!

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