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How Do I Make My Grass Thicker Without Weeds

Healthier grass starts with proper maintenance. Water, sun, airflow, and nutrients should be balanced for optimal growth. But weeds will continue to out-compete your lawn if not controlled.

For thicker grass without weeds, reduce compaction by aerating once a year. Then boost root development and nutrient availability by spreading fertilizer and overseeding frequently. In addition, regular mowing encourages a deeper grass base and removes weed seeds before they take hold.

To prevent weeds from sprouting in the first place, use mulch or a weed barrier like corn gluten meal to inhibit their seedlings’ establishment. To remove existing weeds manually or chemically, herbicide selectively supports healthy turfgrass habitats.

Finally, foster a stronger root system by adding organic matter, which improves both soil health and water retention over time – giving your lawn new life with fewer weeds!

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