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How Do I Make My Grass Thicker In Sandy Soil

Growth starts with quality soil. For sandy soils, that means investing in nutrient-rich amendments. Aerate and loosen the dirt. Work organic lawn food into the dirt to boost nutrients and water retention.

Topdress often; mix 1/8” of compost or peat into the soil surface after each aeration to level dips, depressions, or molded spots.

Water creates a healthier environment for the grassroots. Avoid shallow watering since a deep soak reaches deeper root systems for better growth and anchoring of your turfgrass in sandy soil conditions.

Choose the right type of seed for your climate and keep weeds away; poorly adapted grass mixtures are more susceptible to problems like weed invasion and disease infestations due to poor selection of varieties adapted to local climatic dynamics, including heat, cold, wind, etc.

Mow higher, when appropriate; longer grass prevents water from evaporating from the soil quickly and offers stronger protection from accidental scalping during the mowing process. After mowing, give your lawn one inch of irrigation about once per week (depending on the weather). This helps to thicken turf grass patches by encouraging lateral growth.

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