How Do I Make My Grass Grow Stronger

Fertilize for lush, vibrant grass. To make your lawn strong and healthy, you’ll need to fertilize it. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer in the spring and summer when the grass is actively growing. This will give it a boost of nutrition to grow healthier and thicker. Consider using an organic fertilizer if you purchase store-bought fertilizers. 

Water deeply but regularly. Give your grass regular watering sessions that penetrate deep beneath the surface to keep the root system hydrated. For most types of turfgrass, water at least one inch every week. A soaker hose can be effective as it helps distribute water more evenly in areas that are hard to reach with a sprinkler system or at wider depths than conventional sprayers can manage. 

Mow thoughtfully for strong grass. Mowing too short can leave your grass vulnerable to disease and weak roots – mow higher for better overall health and resilience! Generally, cut the blades no lower than two inches; this allows enough length for photosynthesis to occur for a stronger plant overall. Also, never remove more than one-third of the grass height in any single mowing session – this helps reduce stress from severely damaging cutting shock on your lawn’s health. 

Aerate your soil annually to aid in increased growth potential over time by aerating your soil regularly once per year in the late summer or early fall season when conditions are right; ideally just after temperatures have cooled down some (after June usually). Aeration will allow air, nutrient, and water penetration deeper into the soil which helps improve its fertility significantly over time – key ingredients all helping to make sure your lawn will be equally as robust as you need it to be!

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