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How Do I Know If My Succulent Needs Water

Knowing when to water is essential for succulents. The best indicator of their need for water is the soil’s dryness and texture. If it feels dry and gritty to the touch, it means your succulent needs watering.

Conversely, if the soil remains soft instead of gritty, then it may mean you’re over-watering, in which case, halt applications until the soil dries out and crumbles between your fingers.

The color of a succulent’s leaves also offers insights into its hydration levels. Typically, vibrant colors indicate adequate moisture, while dull shades simply dehydration. In some cases, even an overall wilting throughout stems can mean that your plant requires more water.

It’s important to note seasonal factors, too; while most succulents require less frequent dousing in cold months, the opposite holds true during their growth period towards springtime.

Lastly, recall that improper temperatures can also have an impact on water requirements; ensure that areas near windows receive sufficient shielding from extreme sunlight or winds when possible, as these could further exacerbate over-or-under-watering issues.

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