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How Do I Know If My Grass Is Dying

Dying grass can signal a variety of lawn issues. Start by asking yourself some basic questions like: Is the grass a different color than normal? Do I see signs of discoloration in patches or throughout the lawn?

Has it started to wilt and curl? Is it growing slower than before? Check for evidence of insect infestations, excessive heat, or foot traffic damage.

Most importantly, look for an underlying cause. It’s possible that your soil is lacking essential nutrients or is too dry or too wet. Inspect for drainage problems or compaction caused by mowing too short.

Consider how often you water and mow your lawn, as these two practices can make a huge difference in grass health. Make sure to keep your waterings short but frequent and your mowing heights at no less than 3 inches high.

If you’re unsure, contact a local certified lawn care professional who can provide prompt service with professional-grade products to restore health and beauty to your landscape.

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