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How Do I Know If My Container Plants Need Water

Noticing dryness is key for successful container gardening. Checking moisture levels is a simple way to keep your plants healthy and thriving. 

For starters, sniff the soil. If it smells dry, then it needs water. Look closer to see if the surface appears hard or cracked. Touch the top layer of dirt; it should still feel slightly damp beneath your fingertips.

Check the foliage too. If leaves have wilted or started curling, it might be time to irrigate – this means they’re thirsty! Take a peek at the color – dark green may indicate overwatering, while light green may indicate not enough water, both signs that you may need to adjust the watering frequency or quantity.

Look under the pots as well. If you see yellowish-white patches on the lower part of the pot within an hour after watering, most likely you are overwatering plants because water that doesn’t drain away got trapped there by capillary action and caused root rot in plant roots below pot’s base saucer due to prolonged standing water contact with its roots.

Finally, watch for unusual pests like fungi or molds; these are often signs that plants are stressed from insufficient moisture and require extra watering attention too! With regular observation and care, you’ll develop a better sense of when to give your container plants some TLC in the form of precious H2O.

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