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How Do I Know If My Cactus Is Healthy

Cactus plants are resilient, but they need attention – just like any other living thing. Healthy cacti should have the following:

 • Healthy green leaves with no discolorations and no signs of rot.

 • Firm skin and structure with no shriveling or mushy spots.

 • A near-full body with no presence of overly dried leaves/arms, which indicates dehydration and lack of sunlight/water. 

 • No insects or pests (if there are, you’ll need to take care to address them immediately).

 • Signs of flowering or reproduction, especially during the spring/summer months when their lifecycle is usually at its peak. 

To ensure your cactus stays healthy, make sure it’s getting the correct level of sunlight and water. If possible, take a soil sample to see if it has the right balance of nutrients – some nutrient-rich soils can damage cacti. Finally, be aware that some kinds of cacti cannot thrive in very cold temperatures – consider locating in an indoor environment if this is the case. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to tell whether your cactus is thriving or suffering from a lack of adequate care!

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