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How Do I Keep My Succulents Bushy

Growing lush, bushy succulents is easy and simple. Start by providing them a bright, sunny spot for optimum growth. Most varieties will thrive when oxygenated air flows freely around them — so keep their space well-ventilated. Their ideal soil mix should be light and porous with good drainage. Water when the top of the soil feels dry and prune away dead leaves to give your plant a tidy appearance.

Feed every two weeks using a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Cut down on watering during winter months while they’re in dormancy. Avoid letting water sit on the leaves, or it could cause rot — it’s best to pour at ground level near the base of the plant.

Position your succulents together for an organized, appealing look, or different group varieties like Echeverias, Haworthias, and Sedums according to shades of color for a visually stunning display that’s sure to turn heads. Be patient — given enough time, you’ll see tight clusters of foliage form on their own as long as you’ve provided ideal conditions from day one!

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