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How Do I Keep My Soil In My Vertical Garden

Maintaining soil in a vertical garden requires effort and thought. It’s essential to ensure the right environment for growing healthy plants.

Start by selecting soil that contains appropriate amounts of organic matter, minerals, and air pockets to promote root growth. Wetting agents can be added to help retain water, while mulching can reduce unnecessary evaporation in hot climates.

It is best to water your plants sparingly but steadily. Water at the base of the plants using enough volume and frequency to ensure proper hydration without overwatering or creating standing puddles, which increase the risk of mold, fungus, and disease.

Then comes the feeding routine; fertilize to boost nutrient levels evenly, knowing that one overfed plant is as bad as ten underfed ones. When combined with an adequate watering schedule, this will provide sufficient micronutrients for a thriving garden.

Finally, reap the rewards by maintaining a balance between light and heat exposure; doing this correctly using shading and airflow around the vertical garden will ensure climate balance throughout its height and success!

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