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How Do I Keep My Hydrangeas Happy

Hydrangeas need sufficient sun and moisture to flourish. For best results, choose a spot with plenty of morning sun and afternoon shade. Soil should be well-aerated, light and sandy, or heavy clay amended with compost. Avoid windy spots as plants can become dry too quickly. 

To keep your hydrangeas in bloom, regular watering is important during the summer months, providing the soil stays moist but not waterlogged. Feed with a slow-release fertilizer every month during active growth for vibrant blooms. 

In winter, protect against freezes by covering plants with a blanket or tarp when temperatures drop below freezing – leave it in place until the weather warms up again. Pruning once every two years helps keep plants younger-looking and produces more flower heads when they come into flower again the next spring. Deadhead regularly to extend the flowering period. 

Replenish mulch around the base of each plant when needed to maintain even soil temperature and moisture levels over summer – this will also discourage weeds from spreading around and competing for nutrients that your hydrangeas need to thrive and remain healthy throughout the year!

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