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How Do I Keep My Grass Green Naturally

Green grass is the key to any healthy garden. But achieving a luscious, verdant lawn isn’t always easy. Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and other chemical products can work in the short term but have high ecological costs. So why not opt for natural methods?

Start by testing your soil to identify what it needs; high nutrient levels can be just as damaging as low ones. Amend soil pH as necessary and compost organic matter to add nitrogen, potassium, and other essential nutrients.

 Ensure you water your lawn well and at regular intervals if natural rainfall is insufficient. Collect rainwater where possible or use an irrigation system that supplies consistent amounts of moisture. Avoid runoff by explaining grassy areas with stones or logs to retain water longer within the soil.

Our turf also needs constant ventilation; regularly mow your lawn evenly – no shorter than two inches – which stimulates healthy growth and prevents shallow roots from developing. Overgrowth can make it more vulnerable to pests, weeds, and damage from extreme temperatures, so aim for a one-third cut each time you mow.

Finally, spread mulched clippings over the surface, which helps conserve water and provide vital nourishment for microbes beneath the soil’s surface that aid its growing process naturally.

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