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How Do I Keep My Container Soil Healthy

Healthy soil is key for healthy container plants. Regularly check the pH of the soil to ensure optimal conditions for your particular species. Nutrient-rich soils should be amended with compost and organic matter, such as green manure. Loamy or sandy soils should be topped up with peat moss, which will help retain moisture without becoming waterlogged.

Mix an organic fertilizer into the soil at planting time and then supplement this every few weeks throughout the growing season. Make sure to thoroughly saturate each container before planting to allow roots to spread freely and evenly.

Water when the top two inches of soil are dry but avoid wetting leaves directly as it can promote fungal growth on them. Use a watering can with a fine rose head so you don’t wash away delicate seeds or newly transplanted seedlings.

Container plants must get adequate sunlight – read up on the specific needs of your chosen plant species, as requirements vary widely – otherwise, they may suffer from prolonged poor health or become completely stunted in growth. Move containers to ensure they get ample access throughout the seasons, particularly during winter months when days are short and dull.

Finally, make regular inspections for pests and diseases, particularly slugs that love warm havens like containers! Keeping on top of problems means plants will stay healthy and vigorous all year round

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