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How Deep Should A Container Be For Vegetables

Fill the ground. Planting vegetables requires a steady and deep container. The size of the pot or container is flexible; your decision depends on what type of veggie you are planting, how much space is available, and how often you want to water.

Dig in. Digging a hole can act as a natural guide for intentional soil depth: 4 inches for small herbs, 6-8 inches for bulky stems, 12-18 inches for root systems, and 18-24 inches for potatoes and yam plants.

Layer up. Add 1-2 inches of organic compost or rotted leaves on top of that rich earthy layer and watch as it works its magic on your seedlings with added nutrients to give them strength as they grow. 

Think smart. Consider what other veggies might be able to share the same planter – like leafy greens with smaller root systems that don’t need too much room down below, such as parsley, lettuce, or celery but do provide a shade canopy to larger vegetables that sun-seeking tomatoes or peppers And watch them work together!

Make sure it lasts: Don’t forget to improve drainage by poking some holes at the bottom of the pot – at least one inch in diameter or larger – this will ensure air and water circulation without letting all that goodness out into the sky!

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