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How Can I Make My Grass Greener And Thicker

Growing a lusher lawn isn’t hard; it just takes the right details. Start with quality soil, and use nutrient-rich fertilizers and water frequently.

 Watering opens pores in the soil, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the grassroots. Water thoroughly, 1” or more per session every 5–7 days, to keep blades healthy and thick.

 Fertilize regularly using balanced fertilizer to nourish grass at its deepest level. Use organic mulch like wood chips or clippings around plants – it reduces weeds and prevents moisture loss from soil, improving drainage and soil fertility.

 Mow high in summer months – leave 1/3 of blade length, so roots develop better. Mowing causes less stress when blades aren’t cut too short, as grass can more readily absorb sunlight for photosynthesis! Trim no more than 1/3 of blade length per mow session–it takes time for grass to grow back thicker if trimmed too much.  Aerate your lawn annually by poking holes through compacted soil, which allows oxygen and key nutrients to reach roots easily, reducing heat damage and boosting growth rate. Pull stubborn weeds out of the ground with their root attached – don’t let them grow back faster later on!

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