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How Can I Encourage My Hydrangea To Bloom

To help your hydrangea bloom, first, ensure the right environment. Make sure it’s planted in moist, well-draining soil in an area with partial sun and plenty of shade. The best is to keep its roots cool with a layer of mulch or pebbles surrounding the base.

Water consistently and deeply; give around 1 inch per week – more during hot spells – but don’t over-do as dry soil can inhibit blooming too. Fertilize early in spring for a little nutritional boost when shoots appear.

Trim dead branches and remove old growth during winter to encourage new shoots for the following springtime flowering season. Prune back when branch ends turn brown, but handle with care to avoid damaging healthy growth. Also, consider shaping the bush by cutting off some heads after the first flush of blooms and then again later in the season if needed.

Check pH levels, too; they should range between 5.5 and 6.2, which is ideal for hydrangeas (test around the base). If necessary, adjust pH, sweeten the soil, add lime, or acidify the added sulfur/barrel composted leaves/pine needles to beds around the base of the bush once a year for several years, running until the optimum balance is achieved. 

Lastly, be aware aphids can sometimes sulk a plant’s vibrancy, so use sprays as a preventive measure before flowers start forming to maintain a healthy glow all season long!

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