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Does Vertical Garden Need Sunlight

Sunlight is vital for vertical gardens. While these vertical oases of green can thrive in shady or indirect light, all plants need some direct sunlight to survive and flourish.

Without enough natural light, adapted plants will struggle to thrive in vertical gardens, as they cannot properly photosynthesize or absorb the essential nutrients necessary for life. Even if water and fertilizer are supplied, plants still require some level of light to redistribute sugar from the leaves down into their roots and stems.

In order to help your garden survive, you can move it slowly within reach of sunlight as outdoor temperatures begin shifting throughout the year, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s best to place it near a south-facing window if inside where peak UV exposure hits windows for five consecutive hours between April and August daily.

You can also implement artificial lighting options such as LED grow lights that mimic the spectral output from sunlight when photograph synthesis needs a boost, especially helpful while indoors. Your choice should depend on your conditions—daily temperature, amount of sun exposure, and other variables. Adjusted accordingly based on specific plant’s individual requirements.

So don’t forget to give vertical gardens adequate sunshine: it’s an essential element in keeping them vibrant with healthy plants!

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