Does Cutting Grass Thicken It

Mowing lawns can be an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. But does it thicken your lawn? The answer lies in the manner and timing of mowing.

Mowing your grass correctly helps maintain its thickness and colour. Start by keeping the trim height at 3”-4”; you don’t want to go any lower as it can weaken the grass’s roots. Secondly, keep blades sharp for clean cuts and avoid scalping as this will damage your lawn by exposing it to direct sunlight and leaving barren spots.

Lastly, allowing the grass to grow tall before cutting can help further strengthen the roots by encouraging them to send more shoots downwards, thus making your turf thicker. 

At the same time, certain conditions need to be met for optimal growth: regular watering is key—especially during dry spells—as well as applying fertilizer at least once every two months in order to promote thick sustenance growth. 

In summary, quality mowing plays a major role in keeping a healthy green lawn while poor mowing practices can lead to thinning turf or even bare patches on your yard altogether; with proper care though you can ensure a lush dense carpet all year round!

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